...I'm okay. 

I'm okay.

Breathe, Brill.  This is just a low.  You've been getting up at 5:30 four days this week to walk and you've had a stressful week.  You'll be okay.  You're letting them win by letting them influence something you loved and had a lot of fun with.  Don't let them win.

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Read the raws of A Cruel God Reigns, and if you're thinking of giving the series a try? Stick with the scanlations. Otherwise you've got nude penisless (Japanese censorship) guys embracing each other in artsy ways while making love on a bed at the edge of a cliff and also something about seagulls and it becomes kind of hilarious. And only part of that is a spoiler, I'm not telling you which.

Have read some comments on Tumblr that everyone in the manga is a "terrible person," but that's kind of why I like it. Unlike with a certain other character in a certain other manga series that I could mention, I feel like the story acknowledges the terrible, terrible things some of the characters do and say as what they really are. At the same time, though, it's...oddly optimistic? As though it carries a strange sort of positivity where it says, "Yeah, you done fucked up, now pick yourself off and dust yourself off, and next time keep an eye out for roots on the dirt road BEFORE you trip and land in a mud puddle and I forgot where this metaphor was going. :P"

Also, Ian and Jeremy need to fill out a Yes-No-Maybe form together. ...That would be a strangely appealing fanfic premise... but it would take away from some of the fucked-upness of the manga, which is part of it's appeal for me.

...I kind of want these two to be my go-to for the kinky sexfic.  I am going to hell.



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