The fic I've been talking about for the past few days--the one with all my demons in it--is done. The draft is complete.

Now, a professional writer lets the pages rest, gather some time, before he goes back and edits them. Looks at them with fresh eyes.

I am not a professional writer. My fault is that I am impatient, and impulsive, and want feedback as soon as possible, even if something's not ready. I need to fix that.

Ergo, you guys are my guinea pigs.

How It's Going To Work:

The post I make right after this is going to be the fic. Trigger warnings will be typed out on the cut, so read at your own risk. Aside from a few edits I made while typing out the draft, this is completely unedited. I just finished the last sentence three minutes ago. This post will NOT be open for comments.

The third post will be.

It's going to be a post where I have a rough list of what I, personally, KNOW what I want to change, revise, and edit. It's going to be a starting point when I go back in and start sifting out the story tomorrow night.

What I want from you is this: Honesty.  Brutal, simple honesty.

Spork the hell out of it. Mock it, praise it, point out it's bad points before pointing out what I did well. Make me read through this story's flaws before I get to the good stuff. Yell at me when I say something fucking stupid. Talk to me like you would Stephanie Meyer, or E.L. James--or even a writer that really infuriated you. Agree with what I want to change, make suggestions on what else to add, or argue as to why I SHOULDN'T change something.

Critique me in the way you critique best, and don't hold back. I won't be mad - I trust you guys enough which is why I'm doing this with YOU instead of running out and posting it in the Treehouse.  Help me get past this--if I want to publish someday, I need the thick skin to hear people say my work is crap, and that my characters are crap.  And I need to both grow a thick skin and know what I need to do better.  This is something new I'm trying.  If it works, I'll go back, change and revise it.  But let's see how it works for now.



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