...if I had my protagonist reading a TGWTG fanfic, that, like, gets fully written out and the like? That I can then post to, like, the kink meme or something?

Oh God, this is going to eat me. I will be marathoning on Saturday and Sunday. NOTHING BUT NANO :D :D :D :D :D

...Well, there's something to be said for progress, even if said progress is WAAAAAY below my goal. :P;;;

Fortunately, the plot-stagnation I worried about was resolved.  I just paid an homage to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom's most memorable scene.  ...By which I mean the protagonist found a murdered lady with her heart torn out and the guy she THINKS is the killer acting threatening-ish.  (At least it's a far more interesting way to introduce the romantic lead.  And no, he's not the murderer.  He's just kind of an asshole to start out with.  ...He gets better.  CLEARLY THIS MURDER IS A FORESHADOWING OF HOW THE ROMANTIC INTEREST WILL STEAL NEKOI-CHAN'S MAIDEN'S HEART~~~)

Never let it be said that my Paranormal Romance novel is just a Twilight redux.  For one thing, shit actually happens in it. :D  YAY FOR THINGS HAPPENING.
Dear fans of Doug:

By now, it is obvious that you know how much Doug looked up to Roger Ebert. You know he did an entire NC review dedicated to Siskel and Ebert, and has a framed tweet from Roger Ebert hanging above his fireplace, apparently. His brother knows about the news, which means Doug knows about the news, too.

That is why you all look like assholes when you post how Doug should do another tribute to Ebert now that he's dead on his Facebook page.

If Doug didn't know before, he most CERTAINLY knows now, and that's probably part of the reason why he hasn't posted anything to his Facebook page yet.  I mean, my God, am I the only one who finds it completely classless that people are are telling Doug he should make a tribute video just mere hours after one of his major influences passed away?

For God's sake, people, read through the comments Doug's getting on his Facebook and just leave the poor man alone.  Both Ebert AND Doug.

Please stop making me doubt my faith in humanity,