...And I'm just sorry I haven't been posting much lately.  Between working late to make sure I get everything done and my depression rearing its ugly head again, I haven't been as in sync with things.  But I've been reading the entries and keeping up with what all of you are doing.

And...this is going to sound horribly egotistical of me, but...I have two questions, at least for those of you familiar with my work.

I think part of this burnout might have resulted from a combination of "too high a quota for my Camp NaNo project" and "fuck's sake, I can't STAND the whining about TRMGO already just stahp," and let's not forget "hey, making elaborate plushies for myself is fun, I should do it more often."  But I'm ready to get back into writing.  More specifically, I'm interested in having fun with writing again.

I can remember a time where I could create sporkers and characters off the top of my head, and when stories came to me like dandelions in the yard.  Maybe part of this is growing up.  I want to explore writing again--the good and the bad, and learning to integrate those two things.

And I hate asking this, because I feel like I'm attention-grubbing.  And please, please, feel free to call me out if you think this is, and I'll delete this post.  But I am asking this purely from a technical standpoint, for both my fanfic and my original fiction.  I'm at the point now where I'm really starting to focus on crafting stories and writing--on the whys and hows of things, and what they add to move the story forward.  The book club meeting we had last night really sort of cemented this.  This is something important that I need to start really, truly thinking about if I want to take my writing to the next level and start crafting original stories--I want to publish someday, but to do that I have to actually finish an original piece.  (I'm doing it to improve my fanfic too, but.  Well.  Yes.)

To that end...to everyone on my f-list who is familiar with my writing, I humbly request your help.  And I would like you, if you're willing, to answer two questions, regarding both my fan work and my original work:

1.  When is my writing at my strongest, and why do you think so?

2.  When do I seem to be having the most fun when I'm writing, and what makes you think that?

...Okay.  I cheated.  It's technically four questions.  I'm sorry.  The reason I'm asking this is because I want an outsider's perspective.  I know what I like and what I enjoy--but my intent is to see if my writing betrays something I might not even KNOW I like, and can start focusing on to make what I'm writing seem fresh and new to myself again.

There's no right or wrong answers.  You can be as detailed or as vague as you want.  Any little bit you want to add would help so much.  Thank you.



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