Morning today was hell, and guess what? People are STILL being asshats about Critic on TGWTG Secrets. Apparently there are rape jokes, sexism, and homophobia in the reboot, never mind that I've seen EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of the reboot and haven't found a single one (or I could just be, you know, a stupid fucking idiot who just likes screaming and shouting and gun-shooting and can't POSSIBLY see any of Critic/Doug shine through in his performance, like Zelda seems to imply here). Oh and apparently Rob said Doug was bitter and non-sensemaking in the first draft, when if you listen to the fucking commentary Doug's not bitter at all, it's his favorite thing he's ever done.

I. Just.

Back to my earlier stance--once I've wrapped up my current project, all projects for this fandom are stopping for the forseeable future. I'd like to come back, but...this is just. I can't do this and let it become just like Hetalia all. Over. Again. Already my brain is making up horrible, horrible images where Critic's getting raped and tortured for coming back.

...I want to tell people just because they've become my friends, and because I don't want them to worry about me. Would that come off as attention-whoring? I don't know. Prolly would. Haven't decided. Still going to watch TGWTG, just...once people are used to Critic being back maybe

I'm going to buy The Zombie Survival Guide and do some more research on zombies so that I can write for Zombies, Run!. I've seen Zombieland, Dead Rising, and polished off World War Z this weekend.  ...Maybe I'll even pull out some prompt books and write some quick flash fiction.



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