Okay, so. Imagine that Battle Royale and the Ace Attorney series are getting hot 'n heavy at a kegger after one too many Heinekens. The Hunger Games walks past and decides hey, she wants in on that, too. A passionate threesome ensues, and while Ace Attorney is trying to decide whether he's frustrated or turned on by the sight of Hunger Games and Battle Royale duking it out over whether or not Hunger Games is a ripoff, a furry wearing a [Insert Beloved Childhood Cartoon Character] fursuit that looks like it was lifted from China starts humping him for no particular reason. Joined quickly by Umineko no Naku Koro ni. They all black out and then spend the rest of their lives trying to figure out who the parents are for the strange, somehow lovely child that resulted from it.

...Alternatively, throw 15 highly dysfunctional and confused teens into a locked-up, abandoned school. Tell them that they can either live their peacefully for the rest of their lives in the school walls or kill another student and, by getting away with it, "graduate" to the outside world while "punishing" their fellow students, with the stipulation that they alone are "punished" if they get caught. Add sinister incentives, a fucked-up teddy bear, put everything in a blender, and set to "hotmessclusterfuck."

That's Dangan Ronpa: The Academy of Hope and the High School Students of Despair in a nutshell. Or, as the LPer put it, "Phoenix Wright meets Battle Royale starring a masochistic teddy bear with Doraemon's voice."

...I like my description better.

The LP comes HIGHLY recommended; according to TVTropes, the game will be coming to PSVita at some point, and there's also apparently an anime.  The art is highly unique and fantastic, the characters are at once fascinating, revolting, reprehensible, and unique.  I hope it gets a 3DS port--but if it doesn't, that's okay, because I have this LP to thank for letting me know this exists.  There ARE flaws in the story, but I'm willing to overlook them.  If you DO have a PSVita, please, throw all of your money at this game.



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