...I can't pick. Not because there's so much I want to write but because there's so little

...I give in. If you want, pick something for me. I am not giving this up until there's a piece of writing on that fucking meme by the end of this month.

I'm okay with anything involving the following characters, with interest in generally descending order: France, America, Canada, England, Veneziano, Russia, Belarus, Germany, Prussia, and Romano. I've written things with Russia but I am shit at comprehending his character. Anything else and you will essentially be getting a tub of lard and diarrhea with the Nation's name scribbled on a nametag and slapped on sideways.

Pairings/ships I'm okay with are France/Any one of the above mentioned characters, and...that's about it. I used to write FrUK, AmeCan, FraGer, AmeBela, FrAmerica, and FACE. I also wrote USUK, Spamano, and ItaGer, but those were baby's first fanfics and therefore lame pieces of junk that I grew bored of very quickly.

Things I enjoy, also in descending order::

- Prompts that recognize that France is a pedophile, serial sexual assaulter, and possible rapist, and paint him in the least sympathetic light.

- Prompts that torment, eviscerate, and violate France in ways that would make the SAW franchise and Hostel blush and look away. Stab wound-fucking, getting off on France crying and hurting himself, telling him that he's a horrible fucking person and a piece of shit who should rot in hell. Things like that. And I'm being mild.

- Violent and twisted revenge where things end horribly for everyone involved, thus proving that people who wax poetic about killing child abusers/molesters/rapists/murderers on the Internet are all at least acting like sociopathic morons and need to go away where I can never read their shit anymore EVER

- Strange fiction--warping realities, questioning reality, multiple realities that intersect.

- Horror a la Silent Hill.

- ...Huh. That's about it, too. I used to like fluff and porn, Human AUs, fantasy AUs, overcoming sexual assault, forgiveness. Again, this was before I got a full-time job and grew up and realized that kink-shaming was a bad thing until someone, God forbid, wrote a different characterization of a character that is a HORRIBLE FUCKING PERSON and made him better.

Also, feel free to psychoanalyze if you want.

Went to see Grandpa today and got to sit with him while he slept and didn't react when I tried to talk to him. Was supposed to go with Mom but she had work. He's not eating, apparently.

In other news, this week is bad and it needs to feel really. Fucking. Bad.



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