Not what I wanted to...but I did it.

It let off a lot of energy that I needed to let off. I'm not linking it here because I don't want to think about it right now. I need to focus on my original fiction while my thoughts are still clear and not filled with revenge-fic about Francis Bonnefoy.

I'm going to make Alegria my NaNo this year, and I'm going to start planning it out now. I'm going to hammer out an outline and I'm going to do my damndest to follow it.

Let's put on those big girl panties and git 'er done. Don't know if I'm going to post everything here, but here are some basic changes I'm considering:

-  "Francis" is going to be a thief mistaken as a prince. "Francis" needs flaws, but as I've said, I don't feel comfortable writing Hetalia!Francis as a decent human being because jesus christ, he's really not. But as this is an OC, I feel comfortable enough making him something of an egotistical, playboy thief--someone who cares about his comrades and likes making his one-night stands feel good, but someone who ultimately needs to get his head out of his own fucking ass.

-  Oranbega is going to be a land of snow and ice. I'm going to attempt to shit on a twist on Snegurochka, the tale of an ice girl who fell in love and melted because of it.

-  "Francis's" soul is going to be at stake.  He's going to find that, by taking on the challenge of wooing the princess, he's forfeiting his own soul if he fails.  This will raise the stakes and allow for some tension where he tries to wheedle out some more time for himself.  If he fails, he's going to be turned into an unmelting ice sculpture and used to decorate the castle.

-  Oranbega is a realm of snow and ice, with only the castle and maybe a few plots of land inhabited, because it is locked away from the rest of the world.  The princess, in an attempt to shield her kingdom, cast a spell that separated herself and the thing endangering the people.  The price was that she could never love, or feel anything intensely--if she did, the spell would be broken, and the worlds would re-merge.  Travelers, traveling nobility, and royalty occasionally stumble on the land when the princess's resolve weakens.  They don't last long.

-  The lord of Oranbega is a demon--NOT the princess's father.  The princess's father fell in battle against the demon, and the demon consumed him and took on his form.



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