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the world

this world is a better and more beautiful place for these lines having been written

please buy this book


and here have oancitizen doing a dramatic reading:







 Oh, you BETTER believe I am going to enjoy this.  SO.  MUCH.  CATHARSIS from 50 Shades of AAAAAAAAUGH.

I am having a terminal case of the Fridays.
 I've been giving some thought to this recently, and...I've come to the difficult decision to focus pretty much entirely on crocheting for now.  I need the money, and crochet is something that's quick and easy for me to do.

I am still going to be posting, but not as often, and I will not be writing or posting fanfic or LR's.  Between work, exercise, and other obligations...I don't have enough time in a day.  

I love you all, and I'm still going to be around--I just don't want any of you to worry about me if I go for stretches without posting.  I will still be following all of you via the f-list.

Take care, everyone.  Stay awesome.
Right then. Let's barf up the half-digested spooge of some fanwank and discuss, y/y? Will contain copious spoilers for...the fic I'm hoping to write. Someday.

BEHOLD! Stupid, derp, wasted potential, batcrap logic, and spoilers for fic and specials beneath this cut! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. )So anyway they are all ONE BIG FUCKED-UP FAMILY and they are hopping timelines and dimensions for their own reasons. This particular dimension shift brings them in touch with canon!DBZ, into a timeline where Pan had just been born and Bulla is three years old....

....Okay so this looked a lot less fucked-up in my head STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT I'M STILL WORKING OUT THE KINKS OKAY
 Find it here.

Well, those are three words I never thought I'd string together, and for what it's worth, it IS interesting.  Also a cause I support!

But OH LORD, I read some of these essays and all I can hear are college and high-school slash/femslash fangirls saying "No, HONESTLY!  Those two are TOTALLY IN LOVE with each other, it says so in the book and EVERYTHING!"

What I'm trying to say is that it's very, very fluffybunny.

Also, I would pay to see centurion/"honored slave" fanfic.

...Guardian's Song, stop that.  I'm practically broke.
Cut for the uninterested )

The only reason I think I remember this part is because I showed it to [personal profile] guardians_song, who was right there with me, and she was like "oh shit." xD  Wanted to write it down so I can file it away for a future work...

Finished reading the Drakengard/Drakengard 2/Nier LPs.  I am not allowed near the LP archive or my 3DS until I actually write some shit. :P
The Obama Administration is seeking to make illegal streaming a felony.

Let me make one thing clear: I both stream AND buy content. If there's content that's not available via legal channels, I will download a remix, or a fan rendition--I will not download the original unless it is the ONLY way that I can get the works. Even then, I only do it for foreign goods I CANNOT get otherwise--Japanese songs not available on iTunes or Amazon.com, for example. I'd also like to note that there are certain specials/OVAs to series I watch--like Dragon Ball Z--that have not been brought to the states. Online streaming is the only way to watch these. And if I had the money, I'd buy Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt in a heartbeat--and I plan to once I have enough cash scrounged up.

But even then, I acknowledge I'm breaking the law. So why my concern?

Because this might extend to fanworks and online reviewing as well.

Remixes, Abridged Series, and parodies might get sniped by this. Depending on the wording, this might leave a written law ripe for abuse, even within Fair Use. This might stifle fan creativity.

That's enough to cause me concern.

I'll see if I can keep an eye on this and watch how it develops.
I've been hinting for a while that I wanted to go back to writing for Hetalia, but I've not yet done it because I've been both afraid that I'm not ready and trying to get into writing more original stuff, using fanfic I've written as a springboard.

I've finally decided how I'm going to approach this: Slowly, methodically, and deliberately. I've been away from that fandom for some time--haven't written about it or even talked about it that much. I think I am ready to try to go back, and I have a ground plan:

rules: they're what's for dinner. (...actually I had like eight tablespoons of nutella for dinner) )

So there's that. Now if you'll excuse me, there is a disappointingly mediocre yet somehow intriguing Dragon Ball Z fanfic that I need to start sporking with my inner sociopath goddess.
 *hugs everyone*

I hope you all behaved while I was away!  The beach was absolutely fabulous, the weather was mostly-flawless, and I found a ton of beach glass!  I also bonded with family members, went putt-putt golfing (that's where I got the picture of Mr. Uncanny Valley), enjoyed a morning out on the Outer Banks sand dunes, and caught up with dear, dear family members I haven't seen in a long while.

I go back to work tomorrow, but you have me for the afternoon!  ...After I'm done with my walk and therapy and grocery shopping, that is.

It's good to be home!  First up on the menu: sporking "Captive Souls."  
 Picked up Shin Megami Tense IV and Tales of the Abyss this weekend for a trip.  Tales of the Abyss is a bit like the puppy in the window that won't stop giving me sad eyes whenever I walk past, so I ended up walking in one day and buying it anyway.  Haven't really been interested in playing it because Symphonia is No. 1 in my heart and it is VERY hard for anything to beat my nostalgia (also because it seems to be for Playstation, while I am a hardcore Nintendo Girl through and through), but 3DS is opening up new worlds for me so eh, why not.  Now they just need to bring over Dangan Ronpa and Persona 3 for the 3DS and I can tell myself I'll die happy

Shin Megami Tensei IV is about as close as I'm going to get to the Persona series for now, I think, considering that Persona's an offshoot from the SMT series.  This is my first foray into Shin Megami Tensei, technically (I read an LP of it once somewhere).  So until I run out of batteries, I most certainly won't be bored!

Also that reminds me--starting Friday the 26th, I'll be on hiatus until August 5th.  You are more than welcome to e-mail me during that time, though!  And I'll try to check in.
 Just loosely noting them here for later.

cut! )
Okay, so. Imagine that Battle Royale and the Ace Attorney series are getting hot 'n heavy at a kegger after one too many Heinekens. The Hunger Games walks past and decides hey, she wants in on that, too. A passionate threesome ensues, and while Ace Attorney is trying to decide whether he's frustrated or turned on by the sight of Hunger Games and Battle Royale duking it out over whether or not Hunger Games is a ripoff, a furry wearing a [Insert Beloved Childhood Cartoon Character] fursuit that looks like it was lifted from China starts humping him for no particular reason. Joined quickly by Umineko no Naku Koro ni. They all black out and then spend the rest of their lives trying to figure out who the parents are for the strange, somehow lovely child that resulted from it.

...Alternatively, throw 15 highly dysfunctional and confused teens into a locked-up, abandoned school. Tell them that they can either live their peacefully for the rest of their lives in the school walls or kill another student and, by getting away with it, "graduate" to the outside world while "punishing" their fellow students, with the stipulation that they alone are "punished" if they get caught. Add sinister incentives, a fucked-up teddy bear, put everything in a blender, and set to "hotmessclusterfuck."

That's Dangan Ronpa: The Academy of Hope and the High School Students of Despair in a nutshell. Or, as the LPer put it, "Phoenix Wright meets Battle Royale starring a masochistic teddy bear with Doraemon's voice."

...I like my description better.

The LP comes HIGHLY recommended; according to TVTropes, the game will be coming to PSVita at some point, and there's also apparently an anime.  The art is highly unique and fantastic, the characters are at once fascinating, revolting, reprehensible, and unique.  I hope it gets a 3DS port--but if it doesn't, that's okay, because I have this LP to thank for letting me know this exists.  There ARE flaws in the story, but I'm willing to overlook them.  If you DO have a PSVita, please, throw all of your money at this game.
Right. This one also includes...well, let's just say that if the audience plays their cards right, they'll get to see some of these bonus characters. Keep in mind, though, that this is just a rough draft.

Oh yeah and I added a couple bosses/units 'n shit.

New units are in bold!

cut! )
 Link to the YouTube page stating you can find it here




On Awakening - Have gotten a B Support for Cherche and Vaike. Looks like poor Henry's going to be alone for another run or two--I'm doing Lon'qu/Olivia for my next run. Training up Cordelia on her own in the meantime because God knows Dante will just eat up that experience. going to wait until Vaike/Cherche S-Supports before moving plot forward.

Have started a VERY rough outline of major plot points in Awesome Emblem that I don't want to forget. Namely, where it begins and where two big plot points happen. Everything else is...up in the air. Am fleshing out the "Emblem" a little bit more as well.

...Need to get to bed so here, have a revised list of units, plus what I added to the Bosses section:

Here! )

Have not yet decided whether this is going to be more dramatic or parody-esque AU. I'm leaning towards dramatic with some elements of FE being lampshaded/parodied, though.

Also--had very weird dreams about certain Disney characters that gave me a certain kink I now have when I was very young. ...Very weird, graphic dreams. ...Right, remind me not to eat Nutella straight from the jar before bed.

/will do it anyway
//is very sorry
///sort of
 So as everyone and their little dog knows, George Zimmerman was found innocent of murdering Trayvon Martin.  I have been following this case, but mostly keeping silent, simply because it's so controversial and I'm finding a lot of stuff about my own ethics/morals put to the test.  A lot of it is just based on logic, but...goddammit.

I've decided to take this time to elaborate a little more on the "moral code" that I stick by.  This is about as detailed as I feel comfortable getting with what I believe.  But this is my journal.  I'll take responsibility for whatever happens.

Cut--possible trigger warnings. Nothing explicit, but this might allow for triggery stuff.  )
Just some initial brainstorming for the Awesome Emblem story I'm planning. Feedback/ideas welcome!

Under the cut! )
 Any recommendations for other 3DS titles, other than Animal Crossing, that I should try out?  I know Shin Megami Tensei 4 is out, or going to be out, and I plan on registering it and FEA to get the 30-bucks credit.

Also, how much do you have to pay for the DLC?  I have access to it now...
 Just struggling a bit right now.  Exhaustion + Depressive Episode + Addiction to Fire Emblem Awakening = Not So Much With The Posting.

Anyway.  Was thinking about buying a couple new fantasy series to read to do some market research for the Hiedamil Saga.  I've already tried Game of Thrones--only got 100 pages in before I got bored, plus I have major issues with J.R.R.M's stance on fanworks.  

What I'm saying is that if you have any good recs, give them to me so that I may consume them.