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And now you know why Doug Walker is Best Pony in my book.

So I had a big whole thing here about my thoughts on Jitterbug Jive and the fact there was a petition to ban his panel at Bronycon due to him making some pretty dark fucked-up family-unfriendly stuff but I can't really gather my thoughts and a lot of people are cleaning up the drama.  Which is good, I guess, but without a solid paper trail I can't rightly formulate an objective, informative opinion.

So instead I edited and posted Straight Shot.  Did what I could with it, and I think it's okay now--much better than the rough draft and the Kink Meme edition--but I still think it's the weakest thing I've done so far.  If you'd like, read it and decide for yourself.

Will be walking early tomorrow morning for walking.  Have some Princess Cadence and Shining Armor looking awesome in the meantime

I wish I had better editing software.  I totally want to use the pony creator to make a Doug Walker pony and then edit it into, like, a Presidential badge saying "Doug Walker for Best Pony."  Because he is still best pony.  Not even Armor Cadence can change that.

Hell, might try it anyway.  My pony drawing skills aren't THAT bad.
 Apparently the Nostalgia Critic and the Angry Video Game Nerd have fans in Japan!  They're in an anime and everything!

Critic even got a line!


Anyway.  Just something cute that made me smile today.

Also, EVERYONE REALLY FUCKING LOVES MY GUACAMOLE APPARENTLY.  There was PLAYFIGHTING ABOUT IT at lunch.  It was at once hilarious and creepy.



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