...You hear the titular lyrics to "Sweet Nothings" as "Sexy Elephants."  As in "I'm livin' on sexy elephants."

...You initially thought "All My Single Ladies" was "I'm All Jiggly."

...You space out in loud bars/at parties because you literally are overloaded on a sensory level.

/looks over list


shikata ga nai, amirite

It's something of an archive featuring snippets and bits of yaoi/BL manga that the blog creator likes, and is worth a look in my opinion if you like the genres. A Cruel God Reigns is featured and mentioned several times. (I just have to keep telling myself that it is okay if people don't agree with my opinion of the manga, that all of our opinions are legit, that I like it BECAUSE the characters are fucked-up and that it is okay if I prefer the fanon!version of the post-Sandra's death arcs in my head where Jeremy and Ian have a healthier relationship).

I will probably be frequenting the Tumblr for research.  I have a new project forming in my mind that's actually taking cues from an older fic I wrote, Novena*; a concept I saw in a novel called Zazen of people going to "sex parties/clubs" and wearing colored bracelets that identify gender preferences, partner preferences, kinks, the like; the fucked-upness of A Cruel God Reigns; and the sex-positivity of Khaos Komix. I believe it was het when I started putting it together in my head, but I'm pretty sure it's BL now. Work on Hiedamil's Song is not coming at all coming slowly and it looks like I've written myself into something of a corner, so!  This is going to be my winter project until spring/summer kick in and I can start writing again.

Anyway, yes. Have a look if you'd like!

*Novena was a France/Romano fanfic I wrote towards the end of my run in the Hetalia fandom, dealing with unhealthy BDSM, child sexual abuse, and fucked-up relationships where the characters had to earn their happy endings.  Not linked because it would require going back to the Kink Meme and dredging it up, plus there's the fact that I'm STILL trying to be okay with people who think my headcanon should be exactly like theirs (not that I disagree because HI THERE, FANTASTICALLY CREEPY ALTERNATE CHARACTER INTERPRETATIONS) and the fact that if I looked at it now, I'd get overwhelmed by the fact that people disparage and very vocally loathe the interpretation I chose for Rome, France, and Romano.  And honestly, I'd rather not make something I loved into one of my triggers again--I'm just starting to move past that.



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