So without going into too much detail, there's been some stuff going on at work, and we had a Lunch and Learn about how not to get let go at work.  It was informative and good, like a lot of Boss's Lunch and Learns, and also dealt with something I dread--layoffs.  Basically, losing your job.  

...And it's scared me and made me cry while I was walking.

Because, again, without going into too much detail, I am terrified of what will happen if we lose an important customer.  

It's taking me back almost to where I was before this job.

trigger warnings for suicidal ideation, self-harm, and low self-esteem, and the punchline is that i'm the psychological trainwreck character. )
The Purge looks awesome.

The basic premise - America is prosperous--crime is at an all-time low and is enjoying a prosperous economic boom.  The reason for this--for twelve hours, once a year, all crime is legal.  For one night, police services are suspended, intending to give people a "release" from everything built up inside of them.  (Yes, implausible and improbable, but shhh, shhh.)

The Purge follows one family for the night--Mom and Dad, brother and sister.  Everything is going fine--until the son lets in a man that is crying and begging for help.  

And all hell breaks loose.
I love love love LOVE speculative fiction.  Not as much as I love certain other stories, but it's one of the reasons I love The Lathe of Heaven and The Hunger Games so much--speculative fiction treads the line between hard sci-fi and reality, tiptoes on the edge of just plausible.  It takes place Twenty Minutes Into The Future instead of in some sort of cyberpunk, lightyears-away world.  It treads that line because it forces us to really look at ourselves and think.  ...Plus the line, "The Government thanks you for your participation," is chilling.

Hell, I want to write fanfic in this universe and the damn movie isn't even OUT yet.

I will be seeing this movie in theaters.  And will hopefully not be as scarred by it as I was by Sinister.



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