So! Today was okay. Kind of.

And then I discovered two things:

- Welshy, one of my favorite reviewers, is not only leaving TGWTG, but going off the grid.

- Someone on TGWTG Secrets reblogged two of the secrets with rather rude messages attached. And guess what? It's Aunt_Zelda. As in, this Aunt_Zelda. As in, the person who said that fandom is supposed to be "a safe place for everyone."

...I am five different types of disgusted, angry, and absolutely flabbergasted that someone who said that would go on to demean someone's secret like that.  A moderator, no less--no, ANOTHER moderator, considering what This Mod says in her comments.  I honestly thought Zelda was above those kinds of comments.

...I'm not making any more Channel Awesome plushies or writing any Channel Awesome fics.  At least not for right now.  I'm not leaving, but I'm not going to be actively participating.  I can't go on the chats, because as I said night before last, NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE.  Last time I felt this angry it ended with a character getting eviscerated, raped, and (in my mind, at least) slut-shamed because I couldn't write the character the way he was in canon because I HATED his canon characterization and told myself that's all people wanted to read.  I don't want to lose my cool with Zelda.

Oh, and FORGET about watching the DVDs.  Again, at least for now.  I think I have a nice dusty corner I can hide them in until I'm ready.  I bought them, I supported the producers, that's good enough for me.

...Can it be the end of July now?  Please?  So I can go on vacation?  And sometime between then and now, can I get the self-confidence and attractive appearance needed to get someone sexually attracted to me so that I can finally sleep with someone without freaking out at the idea of having sex with another human being and have sex so that people's opinions about Internet reviewers is less important?




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